Electric Scooter Catches Fire Inside House Parking In Rajasthan’s Ajmer; Video Goes Viral | Watch – Jagran English

A video of an burning electric scooter went viral. The scooter was standing idle in the parking while it was on charging.
Yet another shocking case has gone viral in which an electric scooter can be seen catching fire in Ajmer. According to a report, the electric scooter was parked inside the garage of a house and was put on charge when it caught fire. We still need to confirm and determine the cause of the incident as well as the specifics of the EV two-wheeler that caught fire.
Recently, a man jumped out of a moving electric vehicle to save his life as the vehicle caught fire in between Sector 78 and 79 of Uttar Pradesh’s Noida. The rider was driving an electric scooter which caught fire for an unknown reason.

In the past, there have been many instances where electric scooters have caught fire while on charge, on the move, or even standing Idle. Some of them include very famous brand names including the recently launched Ola Electric. However, one of the main reasons comes out to be overheating.

In between the automobile revolution where people are switching to electric vehicles from regular internal combustion engines, these consistent cases have created a situation of panic among potential consumers. On the other hand, traditional engines have become more reliable, refined, and powerful at the same time. Talking about the comparison between normal internal combustion engines and electric vehicles, EVs have attracted a huge amount of people towards them keeping climate change in mind. This pressing necessity to mainstream a product has resulted in concessions. In a two-wheeler, which has a very demanding setup, batteries still need to fully mature.

In fact, the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) addressed letters to EV businesses including Ola, Okinawa Autotech, Pure EV, and others to explain why they shouldn’t be held accountable for the fire occurrences while keeping safety in mind. The businesses had until the end of July to react to the notice.
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